A Player Pathway Accessible For All

Here at Brisbane Roar we are committed to providing access to our Academy for any talented young player, regardless of their current participation level or financial circumstances. Brisbane Roar have a team of qualified Scouts across Australia, whose aim it is to identify and recruit the highest potential players in the country. With this in mind, we do not accept speculative enquiries about trials with the Academy.

1. external scouting

This is the first step to identifying players with the potential to play for Brisbane Roar. Our Scouting Network attend a wide number and variety of games each week with a view to observing and identifying youngsters we feel that could be at the Academy level. Identification through External Scouting can be a lottery and therefore we also…

2. internal monitoring

In addition to attending a large number of games our scouts and coaching staff, work regularly in selected player development environments with players. These environments cover our Regional Academies, Partner Clubs and APC’s. Players attending these programs are monitored and developed by Brisbane Roar with a view to progressing into the Academy. It is not mandatory to be in one of these environments to enter the Academy, however, all players monitored internally are known by Brisbane Roar staff.

3. assessment period

Identified players shall be vetted against the players that Brisbane Roar staff already know. This will take place through an invitation to trial in the Academy for players at the appropriate age, or comparison with players already in our internal monitoring structure. These Assessment periods typically will last between 4-6 weeks, Brisbane Roar and it’s partners will never charge any fee for Assessment Periods.

4. talent id festivals

All of our Internal Monitoring programs and teams, along with selected players identified in the pre-Academy (6-11 year olds) will be invited to participate in Talent ID Festivals during School Term 4. These are designed to provide young children with a taste of the Academy environment, identify potentially talented players to enter the Academy when they’re old enough and to provide more games for these children, lengthening their football season.

5. player & club feedback

Feedback will be provided to all players that have been involved in our recruitment process directly and verbally in the first instance, this is to allow the opportunity for players & parents to seek clarification on all feedback provided by Brisbane Roar. Following this, each player’s respective clubs will receive formal written feedback.

6. academy registration offer

Following each player’s successful feedback, Brisbane Roar shall provide 6 weeks notice of intent to register that player to the player’s Club. This notice shall be provided in writing. Once this approach has been issued to the Club, Brisbane Roar will offer a place to talented players to enter the Academy and upon acceptance, provide a time-line to registration, conduct a formal induction. Brisbane Roar’s Academy has no fees to play.