Expert nutritional advice fuelling good home habits

The suspension of football activity across South East Queensland hasn’t stopped the Brisbane Roar Academy boys from keeping up their professional practices at home.

Players across the age groups have been closely following nutritional guidance prepared by Emahn Badiyan and Hannah Timms from the University of Queensland’s Masters of Dietetics program.

The guide provides in-depth insights for Academy players and parents, from appropriate pre-training snacks to ideal matchday meals.

With detailed preparation advice alongside several complete recipes and more, that’s a wealth of priceless information being passed on to our budding young athletes.

And the Academy players have been putting their new knowledge to good use, whipping up fresh and healthy meals to keep them in tip-top shape during the break between training and games.

Click here to download the nutritional guide!

Detailed recipes provided for Academy parents and players include:

  • Wonton soup
  • Fried rice
  • Veggie quiche
  • Salmon risoni
  • Asian style salad
  • Quick stir fry
  • Pita pizzas
  • Vegetarian mince